Indoor Air Quality Specialist Program

- Dramatically increase average service ticket

- Virtually eliminate all profit sucking call-backs

- Generate hundreds upon hundreds of high quality replacement

  leads with virtually no cash outlay!

Indoor Air Quality offers the greatest profit opportunity in the HVAC business since the invention of air conditioning, it’s almost totally ignored and there’s virtually no competition!


People today have a higher awareness of the environment and the air around them

than ever before.


Childhood asthma and related allergies are the fastest growing diseases in America today.


Doctors and pediatricians are now prescribing IAQ enhancements at a higher level than ever before


IAQ problems are rarely an extreme emergency repair and can be scheduled for your slowest time of year


IAQ solutions for homeowners require less technical skills than any other segment of the HVAC business and is a perfect training ground for lesser experienced employees


And IAQ issues are being totally ignored by most HVAC companies


In the IAQ Specialist Program the attendees will learn how to integrate IAQ into their normal selling process, discover hidden IAQ issue and perform highly engaging tests to involve customers and close many more high margin sales on a regular basis!


The following topics will be covered;


Defining Indoor Air Quality Issues

Testing the Air

How to use 2 unique and exciting affordable tools that your  competition isn’t even aware of

Common problems found in most homes

Educating customers about IAQ

Solving most indoor air quality issues


Finding Indoor Air Quality Customers

Lead Generation

Internal Lead Generation

Technician Lead Generation

Direct mail

Other Media





Making an IAQ presentation

Building a presentation book

Determining customer needs and wants

Making your presentation

Telling the Clean Effects Story

Showing Clean Effects Solutions to your customer’s problems

Handling areas of concern


Building IAQ into your standard Replacement Sales Presentation


This program will make sure you have no slow times in your year and you remain productive and profitable every single month regardless of the weather


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